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50pcs Ear Wipes For Dogs

50pcs Ear Wipes For Dogs

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Target Pet: Dog & Cat

feature 1: Ease Itchy Skin

feature 2: Hygienic and Safe Ear Cleaning

feature 3: Ear Refreshing Formula

feature 4: Green Tea Care

feature 5: Multi-Purpose and Soothing

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Introducing our Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes, infused with green tea extract, to easily remove earwax and dirt from your pet's ears. Say goodbye to ear discomfort with our Itchy Scratcher wipes, applicable for various types of dogs. Use and discard each wipe for a hassle-free pet care routine.

Product Name: Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes
Product weight: about 159g
Product size: (approx.)4*8cm/1.57*3.15 inches

Packing List:
Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes*1 box (50pcs)

1. Due to the monitor color temperature, camera, ambient light and photography skills, some of the pictures of the goods may have a slight color difference, the color in kind shall prevail!
2. Due to different manual measurements, please allow a slight size difference.

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1.Green Tea Freshness: Ensures clean ears & teeth. Thanks to the green tea extract in our dog ear cleaner wipes, your furry friend's ear canals and teeth will be effectively cleaned while being protected from harms and bad breath.

2.Clean Ears Ensured: Ensure your pet's ear hygiene with our dog ear cleaner wipes. Use them to remove earwax and dirt, preventing ear discomfort and harm.

3.Hygiene and Safety Assured: Our Dog Ear Cleaner Wipes ensure optimal hygiene and safety for your pets. With a perfect design of other finger cushion, you can discard them after each use to avoid cross-contamination between pets, ensuring a healthier environment for your furry friends.

4.Soothe The Scratcher: Our dog ear cleaner wipes gently clean and moisturize your pet's ears, while also promoting healthy skin. Enjoy closer bonding moments by using these wipes to soothe your pet's itchy areas like paws and belly. Experience a more intimate connection with your furry friend with our pet-friendly cleaning solution.

5.Multi-Purpose and Soothing: These wipes are suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats, and can effectively remove dirt, wax, and debris from their ears. Give your pet a healthy routine care with these soft and moist wipes.
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